Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – How To Celebrate and Remember All Mums

Mother’s Day is fast approaching but before you start panicking about finding the perfect Mother’s Day ideas, just breathe, we can help! The pressure is on to find a gift that says ‘I appreciate everything you do’. While it’s tempting to buy mum another ‘Best Mum’ mug, it’s time to up your game. It’s time […]

Our journey with Laura

♥ ♥ It was a phone call like no other … one that made our hearts sink! A request to craft a wooden box to protect the most precious and treasured keepsakes Laura and James have of their son, Link, who tragically was stillborn.  And another box in which his beautiful hand and feet castings would be […]

Issues with MAC not reading/formatting USBs

We came across some information recently where a user had spent countless hours researching and testing USBs with MAC and the outcome was that the OS version had an issue formatting USBs to FAT32.  The user was able to work their way around the issue by formatting ExFAT using the MBR scheme. Sounds technical doesn’t […]

New Perspex Lids!

Another exclusive just launched for our New-Style Wooden Box range…Perspex Lids. The reflective, glass-look, Perspex lid is still set within the timber frame but has an amazing 3D effect with the printing done on the back (under-side) of the lid.* Individually cut and edged by our onsite craftsman to guarantee a perfect fit, these durable […]