Issues with MAC not reading/formatting USBs

May 25, 2017 Uncategorized

We came across some information recently where a user had spent countless hours researching and testing USBs with MAC and the outcome was that the OS version had an issue formatting USBs to FAT32.  The user was able to work their way around the issue by formatting ExFAT using the MBR scheme.

Sounds technical doesn’t it … or maybe for the avid MAC users out there, it’s not!  Anyway, we have sourced some great information on which explains how to check a drives’ file system to make sure it is in the right format and provides step-by-step instructions on how to format a USB drive on MAC.

We have searched many Apple forums and unfortunately the standard response is just on how to find a USB device not actually addressing on the technical issue of USBs not being recognised/working when certain iOS versions are run on a MAC.

We understand the frustration and do what we can to provide support and advice but cannot always solve technical problems.  We do offer a product warranty on our USBs and will replace a USB that is deemed faulty on receipt of the original product being sent back to our office in Newcastle, NSW.  Return of the product to our office is required for identification and warranty purposes.

Here are a few other general tips if you find a USB does not register or work:

  • try removing the USB and plugging it back in to the same port ensuring it is pushed all the way in
  • try using the USB in a different port, again ensuring it is pushed all the way in
  • try shutting down and restarting your computer from scratch without the USB drive plugged in and once it is all loaded insert the USB to see if it registers (we have had a few customers report that this has solved their issue as they had updates waiting to be applied to the computers and once they were done they were able to successfully use their USB(s)
  • try a different PC or laptop to see if the USB registers