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Pet Memorial Boxes and Urns

A pet owner’s worst fear is losing a beloved companion. For those who have experienced this loss, there is usually a story to share about a cherished animal passing. From one pet owner to another, we understand the pain and emptiness that occurs after this loss. There is no correct way to grieve and work through this process, as everyone takes a different journey with their beloved pet.

The loss of a pet can be a truly traumatic experience and create a large void in our hearts and lives, comparable to losing a close family member or friend. As humans we project onto our beloved pets, our thoughts, emotions, and ideas. We see ourselves in our pets.

A pet is truly a gift that can change our lives and bring us extreme happiness and gratitude. There are ways to honour the life and memory of our treasured pets.

At Personalised Keepsakes, we are committed to providing a dignified act of homage to the life of each companion animal.

To most people pets are no longer just “possessions or property”, they are family and they deserve dignity after they have passed.

Our team of animal lovers aim to provide a compassionate, respectful and high-quality service to pet families. We are committed to giving all animals the farewell they deserve.

A Pet Memorial box is a perfect tribute to celebrate the life of a beloved family companion. We have a large range of Australian Made Timber Boxes to suit your requirements and we can also design and custom build box.

Our attention to detail and quality of workmanship means you receive a quality Pet Memorial that will ensure the memory of your beloved pet is cherished forever.

Personalised Keepsakes is a family owned and operated business based in Newcastle NSW with a caring, compassionate and professional service at an affordable price.

Our signature wooden boxes are handcrafted onsite and are licensed Australian Made with Australian materials. Your purchase of a Pet Memorial Box helps to support the local community.

We offer full colour onsite printing and laser engraving to personalise your images and designs.

With no minimum order you can purchase and customise to create a everlasting memory.

Pet Memory Boxes, Urns and Plaques -
Pet Memory Boxes, Urns and Plaques -