New Perspex Lids!

New Perspex Lids! -
March 2, 2016 Keepsake News

Another exclusive just launched for our New-Style Wooden Box range…Perspex Lids.

The reflective, glass-look, Perspex lid is still set within the timber frame but has an amazing 3D effect with the printing done on the back (under-side) of the lid.*

Individually cut and edged by our onsite craftsman to guarantee a perfect fit, these durable 6mm sliding lids are now available as an option against all new-style wooden boxes (including our new USB box).

You can choose to customise by having your logo, an image or personalised text printed on to the Perspex lid.  Logo printing will allow a little ‘sneak peak’ as you will be able to see through the unprinted area on the lid to any fill you may have added or your products.

To ensure the highest of quality finishes, the Perspex remains covered with a protective film, that is only just removed as the lid goes in to our laser printing for customisation.  Once completed, the box is removed and immediately bubble wrapped and packed to avoid scratches.

The finish of these new lids is just amazing and hard to show the actual beauty and magnificence in photos.

Keep your eyes out for photos of this unique finish on our Facebook and Instagram pages in the coming weeks. We would love for you to share our posts so more can learn about our new offering.

*  As the printing is done on the back (under-side) of the lid, please ensure that any text in your images is reversed to ensure it prints the correct way around.  Please also reverse your logo.

New Perspex Lid Key Features

  • Available on all new-style wooden boxes
  • Thick 6mm high quality Perspex
  • Individually cut to ensure a perfect fit for every handcrafted box
  • Perspex is set within the timber border, same as the wooden lid
  • Gives a real glass reflective look
  • Printing on the under-side gives a 3D effect
  • Logo printing will allow a little sneak peak as you will be able to see through any unprinted area on the lid
  • Unique finish for your photography packaging
  • No minimum to buy